08/14/2009: It strikes again, and its onslaught shall guide you directly to hell, avoiding the highway though...

"Tempest Blown with the Wind #10"!!! Find it at the "Squadron Reports" section as usual or read Blind Guardian's "Nightfall in Middle Earth" lyrics; no, you won't find any TC stuff there but at least you'll be reading something good for a change.


08/09/2009: Those pathetic morons, fans of democracy and other nasties, widely known as New Republic sycophants have betrayed The Emperor's Hammer on our last attempt of peace negotiations (thanks Palpatine! The only way I'm able to understand "peace" involves an orbital genocide ^_^). To add insult to injury they've also made several TIE Corps pilots to disappear from the map, including our own LC Murleen, and are now threatening the borders of EH territory. Enough! Enough, I tell you! Our patience is over and is now time to show those piles of useless life that we won't tolerate these behaviours against the last worthy remnant of The Empire. Today the TIE Corps Admiralty Board gave green light to "Operation Serpents Sortie"!

On this new TC-wide competition there're multiple divisions for you all, my Riders, to show your skills on several aspects of Fleet operations. Find below the links and full descriptions of such divisions. Deadline is August 23rd.

Operation Serpents Sortie: Single Player Competition
Operation Serpents Sortie: Multiplayer Competition

Operation Serpents Sortie: Graphics Competition
Operation Serpents Sortie: Fiction Competition

Gentlemen, you're hereby called to do your best in behalf of the TIE Corps as a whole; you know that only the best from the best can be expected from each of you as members of the "TCCOM's Own" Squadron!


08/08/2009: Lt. Colonel Murleen, Tempest 2-2, has been declared MIA (Missing In Action) today after having lost contact with him on his last known assignment at Golan II Station "Aspire 2" where he was taking part on EH peace negotiations with the New Republic. More information on news entry right above this one.

Murleen, my friend, you'll be missed here. Please contact the TCCOM as soon as you find yourself able to return to active duty. Until that very day we wish you the best wherever you are! =)


08/03/2009: Against all odds!! Finally those pending Tempest MSEs were processed and these are the nasty results. None of them deserved beyond what comes from pure bribing, of course:

Colonel Dan Bonini, recieve no less than The Bronze Star of The Empire for your unparalleled activity on May '09, including RtF (lite)!
Commander Dunta Polo, recieve a Bronze Star you too for exactly the same reason!
Lt. Commander Sergeyli, recieve The Palpatine Crescent for NUTS amounts of flying activity plus excellent performance as FM on July '09!
Lieutenant Chris Pape, recieve an Imperial Security Medal for what is maybe the best first ToD week I've ever seen!
CoRoneR™... get a PC & ISM from May-Jul '09 and get lost before it gets worse!


08/03/2009: General Jondaar Domi, Wing X Wing Commander since the TIE Corps was restructured after Kaplooey Day® and even before, requested his retirement today due to RL time constraints and was awarded The Silver Star of The Empire on his retirement. Thus, with our Imperial Handkerchiefs ready and yet another hellish hangover we say farewell to one of the best and most veteran officers this Fleet has ever seen. We wish you the best, Sir, and may you return HOME as soon as time permits... or you go on chalquilla shortage, whatever happens first! ;-D


08/01/2009: After a short ToD as CMDR on Wing XXI, Commander Dunta Polo, former Flight Leader of "Heralds of Maelstrom", has returned into Tempest now assigned as Tempest 1-4 among the "Storm Knights". Welcome back, Dunta! You and your crazy activity have been missed here like hell, and it's just about time to kick arse together again. :-D


07/01/2009: Glory for Tempest!!! We've been seeing our proud pilots stealing titles around as if there'd be no tomorrow and what better than pure facts to prove it? Attention on deck!

LCM Sergeyli and CM Dunta Polo tied up as "SP Ace of the TIE Corps" on July!
LCM Sergeyli also got "Tempest Pilot of the Month" and "Challenge Top Gun" on July!
LT Chris Pape got "Tempest Student of the Month" on July and... more importantly! "Wing X Pilot of the Month" on his first ToD week! 0__o


07/29/2009: And finally, to top the nasty iceberg and provide you reasons enough to justify all that raw hate you may have on your CMDR persona I'm proud of announce yet another installment of pure written NUTness and bring you:

"Tempest Blown with the Wind #9"!!! Find it at the "Squadron Reports" section as usual or read The Holy Bible. You won't find a damned piece of Tempest info there but you'll get plenty of cruel wars, -chosen- people, recurring miracles, seas being split in two and other dramatic events. Good stuff.


07/28/2009: A new competition involving all sorts of activity hits Tempest! Starting next day 30th and running until 08/13 you will face "On the Verge of Epic"! You will pick one of these choices for flying:

- The whole "Hammer to Anvil" XWA battle series (XWA-TC 8, 13, 35 and 51)
- XvT-TC 36 : Operation: Dark Hammer
- TIE-TC 234 : Pacification

IS-BW for all of ye who completes ALL missions his chosen battle/s contain/s!
IS-BW for whoever manages to get at least 3 mission highscores!

IS-BW for any madman coming up with a battle highscore!
IS-BR for those of you submitting good fictions featuring your TC character being involved in your battle/s of choice.
IS-BR for whoever dares to submit a good graphic about... something... errr, somehow related to these battles.

And, absolutely NO INGAME CHEATS will be allowed on this particular competition with the sole exception of XWA "Unlimited Ammo". So you want to try your luck? Then just try your CMDR on this and face the bitter consequences. I mean, boredom is the source of all evil and my CoRoneR scalpel™ needs a hobby too... >:-J


07/27/2009: And now what it has been the best news entry this section has seen in many many weeks. No less than a new recruit for Tempest, a new Rider! All of ye provide yer warm welcome and strongest chalquilla to Lieutenant Chris Pape, who recently completed his training on M/PLT Daedalus to join the ranks of "The Riders on the Storm" assigned as Tempest 2-3!

Lieutenant? you might wonder. Lieutenant indeed, for he has already passed more IWATS Courses (and featuring excellent scores) than many people do in all a TIE Corps career! Please make the new Lieutenant to feel himself at home while you introduce him to Wing X pleasures, starting with the true skills that laying under one of our Cantina tables after a promotion party involves. ^_^


07/27/2009: New Admirals and/or Admirals changing their duties at the TIE Corps Admiralty Board! And what the hell should concern us about them, will you ask. Easy there: we're paying him the drinks, and there's little we can do to change that so you better write down these two names on your "people-to-obey-and-kill" agenda:

Vice Admiral Astin is not the DEAN of IWATS anymore, but he's now the TIE Corps Strategic Operations Officer (SOO). Yes, the guy who approves your medals and stuff. YES, the guy whose name you will use from now on on all sorts of bribing and/or blackmailing mail.

Rear Admiral Jedi Eclipse IS now the DEAN of IWATS Academy! He's now the main responsible behind all Courses and the day-to-day managing of Professors, including their falling through M/PLT Daedalus garbage compactor shaft if they happen to become lazy and useless...


07/25/2009: Who was maybe the most "stellar-pilot" Tempest had since it was reopened left us at the end of last June. Commander Dunta Polo, Flight Leader of "Heralds of Maelstrom", decided to try his luck as CMDR of Green Squadron on Wing XXI onboard the MC-80b Redemption. Thus he leaves our Roster and enters into Tempest Hall of the Riders as one of the best pilots we ever had. May you find your TC fate there, Commander!

To replace him, Commander John T. Clark, former Tempest 2-3, has kindly stepped up on his own request and took Flight Leadership over
"Heralds of Maelstrom". And trust me, I couldn't have thought on anyone better for this job, for CM Clark has been there all the time, displaying an outstanding commitment for the Flight he now commands. We wish you the best, John! Just don't start tossing your minions out of the transparisteel viewports just yet. Wait at least... 'till tomorrow... ;-P


07/22-27/2009: What you have been waiting for since... since... well, since the last time it happened, of course, becomes true in front of your eyes. The EH Tactical Office, with Fleet Admiral Dempsey leading a grim and nasty troup of TCTs and TCSs, did it again and brought to you:

XWA-TC 57: The Draxxen by FA Anahorn Dempsey
XvT-TC 133: The Sepan Civil War by HA Ender mBind

Take note that the second one is our official conversion of the original TIE Fighter battle 2 by LucasArts!


07/08/2009: Praetorian Squadron, "The Fire Demons", the last remaining Elite Squadron within The TIE Corps Fleet, the only one which dared to oppose the mighty Tempest to date and, without doubt, one of the best (if not the best) units this Fleet has ever had the pleasure to feature on its Roster has been closed by The TIE Corps Commander.

Thus ends their proud history of victories and skillful present and past members. And while they enter into The Emperor's Hammer hall of legends, the current pilots of Tempest shall raise their lances and jars in its behalf. Praetorian, we salute you!! Maye you find your way back into activity in some future.


05/29/2009-07/29/2009: Sloooooow progression within the Fleet, which does not concern us. Sloooow progression within your CMDR, gentlemen, which definitely does. :_P My most sincere apologies, but a nasty combination of RL issues made a wandering crap from me and I couldn't update this site as usually as I'd have liked. So far, two months have passed since the last time. Two months that, if not full of stellar activity, featured a few changes worth of mention for this splendid Squadron Tempest is and always will be. Therefore, I respectfully summon your mercy with me while I try to detail what I consider the most important of them in lines above.



05/30/2009: It's happening again! And I tried... I finally could picture you, my Riders, and your immense pain whenever you were called to read one of my reports. Therefore, and for the sakes of your health, I kept myself from releasing one of those for over a month. But then again, I tried... and it h-has b... been... (*arf*) (*arf*) soooooo hard... (*gasp*) Enough! I just can't withstand it anymore! I hereby summon all powers of pure NUTness and bring you:

"Tempest Blown with the Wind #8"!!! Find it at the "Squadron Reports" section as usual or do your very best for your beloved CMDR to ascend through the TIE Corps chain of command and live free of his punishment. ^_^


05/28/2009: We did it, gentlemen!! WE DID IT AGAIN, DO YA HEAR ME?! Now that May '09 "Raise the Flag (lite)" competition is finally over, we can safely claim what will surely be made official in days ahead:

Tempest Squadron, The Riders on the Storm, is now "TCCOM's Own"!!

That's it, the most prestigious title a single TIE Corps Squadron can achieve. The title that means we've been recognized as THE BEST Squadron in the Fleet! From now on our main task, in addition to the senseless destruction we're already used to, will be to serve as escort of the TIE Corps Commander. Poor Vice Admiral Vip... I can actually think on less painful ways to die but oh well... ;-P

Add to all this that the ISDII Challenge
will mantain its deserved status of Flagship of The TIE Corps 'till next RtF and you'll see we've reasons enough to keep on with the unhealthy party for at least another week, to maintenance crew's dismay. My most sincere congrats on such an achievement, pilots! Now it's time to celebrate together what together we earned, and the Wing X Cantina awaits! :-D


05/21/2009: Following FA Jarek La'an's resignation a few days ago, his former SOO, Vice Admiral Viper Pred, has been appointed by the Fleet Commander as our new TIE Corps Commander, therefore having been introduced into the Emperor's Hammer Command Staff (poor Vip! xD)

For those of you who didn't ever meet him before, know that he's one of the most dedicated and compromised officers in the Fleet; compromised with the TIE Corps, that's it. Former Wing VI WC onboard the SSSD Sovereign before the TC Restructure and later dirty SOViet Commodore himself, we cannot expect but the best from the best from him, for the glory of the TIE Corps!

... (*sigh*) Ok, I'm done with the licking-arse job, and that's never an easy task for a badass of the likes of me. Now it's time to pretend and get ourselves into VA Pred's appointment party, gentlemen! Get ready your jars as well as a good escape plan in case we get caught. First round free for whoever manages to find why on earth the poor guy hasn't been promoted to full Admiral (AD) rank yet as expected! :-P


05/18/2009: Ok, let's see... on his neverending struggle to get everybody else on their nerves, let alone his already NUTS CMDR, our brilliant Flight II Leader, Lt. Commander Dunta Polo, has been named Wing X Pilot of the Month on April '09 by our Wing Commander, General Domi, on his last Wing report.

And, to keep on with a well established tradition that has not been altered on last few months, he has also taken Tempest Pilot of the Month. Should I also explain here how he managed to get each and every Pilot of the Week title available on April? Yeah, just what I thought...

I have no words, Dunta, my friend... maybe *impressive* would fit perfectly, but even in that case I would be just imitating the 'big black guy' aka. Vader.


05/12/2009: Corkscrew time again, my Riders! Because Colonel Nav'ric Trow, former Tempest 1-4 on my own Flight, has been officially confirmed today as our new Flight III Leader by the TCCOM!

My most sincere congratulations on your new deserved position, Colonel. May you command 'Chaos Crew' for many meany seasons and live to tell it. The rest of you, psychos, don't hesitate on giving Nav'ric your congrats too; since he's gonna pay all drinks here for over a month starting today he's gonna need all sick support you can pull out from your undesirable persons! >;-J


04/09/2009: And to add insult to the injury here you have a report. Sorry but I couldn't help it. Or was it more that I could help it and what I couldn't help was General Domi here beating the crap out of me with his Wing Commander's baton? Whatever, here I bring you:

"Tempest Blown with the Wind #7"!!! Find it at the "Squadron Reports" section as usual or tell this crazy flag to leave me alone so I can start forwarding the e-mail... X__xU


04/08/2009: Seems good news and bad news come together more often than it's healthy to tell... because today we say bye to Commander Vitaru, Flight Leader of Chaos Crew, on his requested retirement to the TIE Corps Reserves. Such an excellent officer and comrade deserves no less than a warm (and DRUNK³) party on his departure along with a nice entry on our "Hall of the Riders".

Vitaru, buddy, we're gonna miss you here! And if you survive and I survive to see the day of your return the first 1,350 pints are on me. ;-)

From now on applications on Tempest Flight III Leadership are being accepted. Just don't forget to include a pic of your girlfriend (not really necessary if you're not a male) and a *GOOD* bottle. Full. :-P


04/07/2009: Today Tempest Squadron claims victory over Praetorian Elite Squadron on "Fire Demons vs. Storm Riders!", the competition where both Squadrons were engaged on a challenge. It's as you read, my subdits: WE WIN.

Your NUTS CMDR congratulates you all on the outstanding dedication you put into this and almost blackmails you to keep this activity at the same level on months ahead or face the bitter consequences! And may Palpatine have mercy on whoever dares to challenge The Riders on the Storm ever again. >:D


04/02/2009: Ok, people, do you know what is THIS? Well, it's a Manual. A Pilot Manual even! Not only that but it's a TIE Corps Pilot Manual, did you notice? Ooooops, too bad then for that coincidence on names with the Fleet you all belong to alone means you're all hereby ordered to read it and learn its contents to the letter. All thanks shall be forwarded to Vice Admiral Viper Pred, TIE Corps SOO, for doing what he's supposed to do. ^_^


04/01/2009: We have two classic monthly titles for Tempest pilots to grab due to their performance and commitment in behalf of The Riders on the Storm... but alas! Only one Tempest pilot to grab both, at least on last March. And as if it wouldn't be enough he dared (the fool bold!) to grab both Wing X monthly titles as well. And "SP Ace of the Month" while he was at it! Therefore (*sigh*), know ye all that thanks to his outstanding performance on last month (not to mention his bribes that topped with no less than a barrel of quality-scotch! :D---) Lt. Commander Dunta Polo, Flight Leader of Heralds of Maelstrom, is hereby known as:

Tempest Pilot of the Month for March '09 ...AND
Tempest Student of the Month for March '09 ...AND...
Wing X Pilot of the Month for March '09 ...AND...
Challenge Top Gun for March '09 ...AND...
SP Ace of the TIE Corps for March '09

The rest of you, please buy your rotten vegetables at deck 24 and return here to congratulate your Squadron comrade as necessary. >:-P