D Tempest Blown with the Wind #3 C

March 4, MMIX


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Phasecycle: PSFRG304568140694328;ICON;16-79OMUT;94-37RMUT

< Salute, pilots from Wing X, Wing Commander Domi , Commodore TBA (¿?) and last but not least TIE Corps Commander Jarek La'an >


Welcome to this, my third Weekly Report for my beloved Squadron, the mighty Tempest! The Mighty Tempest, "The Riders on the Storm".

First of all, gentlemen, please accept my most sincere apologies for my delay with this report, but it was MSE time and I hope you'll be able to understand that I had tons of lines to write in order to award you the nothingness you deserve. ^_^ No, seriously, your performance last month has been splendid and you can expect something good coming from that one. Anyways, now I have 2 options: either I make one of those classic reports of mine, with way too much content, very few useful info and even less true facts... and it sorta merges with the next one for it's Wednesday already (damn! -__-U) or I make a quick one and try to keep 'em coming in due time. And I hereby pick the third option: it will be a quick one with no useful info and so many lies that if you happen to find something here suspect to be true it will be just a funny coincidence.

And what can I say about last week? Pilotfiles... a "phantom" Squadron-level competition which was already won almost before it started... the epic end of our own "The Aftermath of TIE"... excellent communication levels from all of you that make possible for us to think we really are part of something so great as this mighty Squadron of ours really is. And above everything else, insolence, imprudence, sassy behaviours coming to my inbox in a daily basis! Not wise, not wise by any means I tell you. And now it's time for you to pay...

It's time for punishment! >:-D

Tempest Patch!
I.) A horse, a horse! My kingdom for a horse!! (aka. Squadron News)


Imperial mini-Logo Tempest has a new patch!! No, not that the ego-maniac Lt. Colonel from Wing VI was finally replaced by something more useful (that's on the pipeline). He actually created such uniform patch for us (and got an ISM for it), a little survey where ALL of you participated gave his version victory over MY cra... errr... version, and from now on it will be our one and only patch. You can contemplate and admire the thing right above the title of this very section. Yes, it's resized; for the full 256 x 256 version download TTT2 from its usual location at http://tempestkappa.isdchallenge.org/ttt_download.htm or look for it at Tempest Squadron website, "Chaos Gallery" section. And be ready for my bitter vengeance that shall come quick and merciless... ~>:_P

Imperial mini-Logo Your CMDR was on fire that day and he came up with one of those Tempest-only comps. involving logic, a mind challenge! And soon after totally challengedhe was because the competition ended not even an hour after it was approved. Please all of you congratulate Colonel Nav'ric Trow, Tempest 1-4, for being the absolut winner of "I think therefore I lose" first edition, being also the only human being who managed to find the right answer; the rest of them either from our own Riders or people from other units were all very clever, but none of them completely correct. And stay tuned! because it's my intention to release more of these in days ahead. And *THIS* time I promise you I'll put a few days there between competition approval and starting time... :-P

Imperial mini-Logo New FREE mission from those psychos at the TAC Office. I was one of its testers as TCS, but that doesn't necessarily mean it has to make sense. Judge yerselves! And good luck because sometimes 9 Z-95s going for your six with the worst intentions all at once are just way too many Z-95s going for your six with the worst intentions all at once... ;-)

XvT-FREE 225: Derrick's Bounty by FA Anahorn Dempsey

Imperial mini-Logo BoP EHSP main patch plus all its related loose ship patches have been made public for usage with the new EH Ship Patcher! You can find all them at the TC Patch Archive HERE. And take note that:

       A) You old .BAT patches are not useful anymore so YES, you NEED to install the new one or else.
       B) You need the XvT EHSP main patch already installed for this one to work.

       Next stop? TIE95 and TIECD patches, of course! But be patient, my subdits, because those still need a helluva work there for it seems the very battles must be modified for them to work.

Imperial mini-Logo "The Aftermath of TIE" is now over. Please forward your most sincere congrats to Commander John T. Clark, Tempest 2-3, for he was the fiction winner getting a nice IS-BR for himself. And hunt me alive *IF* possible Colonel Dan Bonini, Tempest 1-2, for having dared to keep for himself each and every IS-BW available there as highscorer on each and every mission! Hmmmpffff... Oh, well, here you are the full results:


Imperial mini-Logo But his evil and indecent deeds know no end!!! 0__+U Colonel Daniel, "The Dan®", was fool enough to make fun from me with his unbeliavable 1-minute mission on the first edition of "TACcy Speed Test" for another IS-SW. We'll see next time, buddy... ~¬¬

       Aaaaaand... Lt. Commander Dunta Polo, Flight Leader of "The Heralds of Maelstrom", crowned his outstanding flying performance of last month achieving 2nd place on February "SP Ace of the TIE Corps" monthly edition. A very well deserved IS-SW, Commander. Impressive, and facing no less than 1337 COL Corrin there. Impressive indeed.

       Aaaaaand... No less impressive the flying activity of our own Lieutenant Sergeyli, Tempest 3-2, having achieved 3rd place right below LCM Polo on that very competition. 2 of our Riders among the first 3 places... not bad, not bad at all I'd say. And even then, not enough!! What about that 1st place, gentlemen?! Please don't tell me some Green Squadron pilot cannot be beaten by a single Rider! >;-J

Imperial mini-Logo 2 new Tempest-only competitions for ya!! Two classics, what else? Nothing new, yet enough for you to get your monthly Iron Stars doing your best, not only for your Squadron but also for your mighty ship the ISDII Challenge, the one and only Imperial Star Destroyer ever where some Rebel Commando trying to hijack the ship (as if they would have a chance...) would be spotted 'cos it would be seen flying STRAIGHT, and the TIE Corps as a whole activity-wise. "Tempest Pilot of the Month" and "Tempest Student of the Month" available at Competitions Center HERE as of NOW! Do your best, pilots!! (btw, right now while I'm writing my weekly collection of bollocks they haven't been approved yet by the DEAN but I kinda *HOPE* they'll be ready now that you're reading...)


( Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers! Just a careful and calculated consideration on my end for you to think about:

If you happen to be awarded this: The Grand Order of The Emperor which one would be the next? Exactly, this: The Imperial Cross

Now, if you happen to already have this: The Imperial Cross which one would be the next? Yep, either this: The Order of The Renegadeor even this with luck: The Medal of Honor

Well, if you come to think as myself know that all of you are but very wrong...

According to recent events, having already this: The Imperial Cross next one will be this: The Imperial Cross for a total of this: The Imperial CrossThe Imperial Cross or this: IC Squared or something.
Nonononono, don't even try to ask me about. It goes beyond my biased logic and you better address someone above my authority to clarify you this matter further...

EH Logo
II.) On how to obliterate a starfighter with your knight lance® (aka. Squadron Status and On-going Competitions)


Imperial mini-Logo Tempest February MSE already sent to our esteemed Wing Commander! Be ready, gentlemen, for you'll soon get what your activity and commitment along last month have earned for ye. Then again, mandatory nothingness and unhealthy fallout I tell you.

Imperial mini-Logo MSEs from September '08 and October '08 still pending processing so it wouldn't be surprising if one of these days your deranged CMDR faints all of a sudden after seeing supposedly long forgotten merit medals arriving at some of your inboxes. :__|

Imperial mini-Logo Yet another weekly Tempest website update, as usual. Don't forget to check the site often as one of your primary sources of useful information and bollocks of all kinds. All complaints are to be sent directly to Fleet Admiral Jarek La'an, TIE Corps Commander, with the subject: "LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah, you're still there, Sir. Just checking. ^_^"

Imperial mini-Logo Sooooon... on next WSR and from then on you'll find here a couple of mini-boards with the updated results of Tempest PotM and SotM ongoing competitions. This way I'll be able to put you all on your nerves struggling and trying to beat your own Rider-comrades. Fraticide wars, yeah! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! >.-D------

Imperial mini-Logo "TAC's citation hunt"!! This is pure epic, let alone your chance of getting a nice IS-SW or even IS-GW for yerselves! Get up to 20 NEW Battle Citations for The Riders on the Storm for the silver thingie or up to 40 no less for the goldie one. You know the mechanics, gentlemen: Go HERE, find what battles are we closer to get the citation (we're 9 pilots so we're gonna need a minimum of 6 having flown any given battle) and... you know... FLY THEM!!! I'm counting on you and your commitment to Tempest Squadron for this one! :-D

Right now we've a total of 0 new Battle Citations for March. Not good. You better start fixing this, and quick! >:-P


II.a) Squadron Competitions

L Tempest Pilot of the Month - March '09
Details HERE
Feel free to send me pilotfiles as if there'd be no tomorrow and you might bore me to the point of me reccing a pointy IS-BW to beat you with it. A minimum of 10 missions for the weekly IS-BW and an absolut minimum of 40 for the monthly one. Not to mention the "Tempest Pilot of the Month" title, which you shall use with pride and caution if you don't want to get yourselves killed.

L Tempest Student of the Month - March '09
Details HERE
How was that thing your mom was yelling at you all day? Ah, yes... STUDY!!! Monthly IS-BR up for true swots out there! Already passed IWATS Courses count as long as you manage to beat your former score.

II.b) Wing / Ship Competitions

L Wing X Pilot of the Week/Month
Details HERE
As usual, gents! Our almighty WC, Colonel Domi, will award a bronze shinie in a weekly basis and a silver one per month to whoever demonstrates he's perfectly capable of making the rest of us looking as worse as possible. Fly missions, take IWATS, participate in other comps, drink... and well... drink. Everything counts! Especially to drink. :-D

L Challenge Top Gun
Details HERE
Similar to 'Wing X PotM' one, but this time as a flying-only. Colonel Domi will backstab the one whose flight record dares to be the best on a given month with no less than an IS-SW. Interesting given that rumour someone has been spreading around that we're actually... PILOTS. Don't ya think? ;-)

II.c) Emperor's Hammer / TIE Corps / TC Battlegroups Competitions

Oh! Oh my good Lord!! But if I'm going to repeat some TC site info here. Please, have mercy!! :-P

L SP Ace of the TIE Corps, March 2009
Details HERE
Simple, pretty simple: fly as hell, make your CMDR's life miserable BSFing your stuff and earn medals for it. IS-GW, IS-SW and IS-BW for the 3 best ranking players at the Single Player Kill Board. What else do you need to fill your IDline with useless titles as myself? No MP division yet; maybe they're still fixing MP stuff at the new database. But don't panic, my bloodlusty subdits, for it will be there again sooner or later. >:-)

L Dempsey's Music Video Mania
Details HERE
An IS-PR... I'm pretty sure many of you think that platinum stuff awardings are just legends and those who actually show such things on their dress uniforms have to pay a monthly fee to the FC himself for him to allow them to lie everybody on how they managed to compite for them. One thing's for sure... our Lady Happy-TACcy must have some pretty collection of manias involving all sorts of media, let alone other high-ranking fetishes. Check those Messageboards! :-P

L TACcy Quotes
Details HERE
See, the TACcy tends to release a bunch of random chosen words making some sort of composition all together. And she calls this creature a "TAC Report". Read those "reports", find the movie quote lying there and e-mail FA Dempsey as quickly as you can with your answer! This competition has been running for many more months than I can remember so I think it will be run again no matter what, despite there's no database entry yet. Well, now as soon as you see a TAC report around you know what to do. ;-)

L TACcy Speed Test
Details HERE
Bi-weekly competition involving flying speed. XWA/XvT FREE mission to be announced on each TAC report for you to finish it up as quickly as you can. Fly on Easy, turn on ingame cheats, mind only about Primary Goals. Emulate the bloody Roadrunner! WHATEVER!!! But complete the mission in record time and send your pilotfile DIRECTLY TO TAC, NOT CMDR. IS-SW for those fast enough to lose their pants on their way plus IS-BW for whoever happens to fly faster than TAC herself (and steal her pants? no, don't think so... :-P).

L TAC's beta testing madness
Details HERE
Seems the mad Lady TACcy has been arranging a 20-mission monster battle from the deep to punish our fates all this time. XWA-TC: "Battle of Lykos" is its name. To testfly it will be your duty. IS-GW/SW for top bug submitters + IS-BW for whoever comes to be suicidal enough to fly it, let alone IS-GR/SR/BR for best 3 reviews will be your reward. It will be tough. It will steal your time. And as true TC pilots... you gotta love it!!

L The TAC's citation hunt
Details HERE
A Fleet-wide competition involving Squadron battle citations! IS-SW for everybody if you perform good, IS-GW for everybody if you perform BETTER!! And some nice IS-GR for good old COL Domi as well if we do what we're going to do: to WIN this one! Got it? GOT IT?!!!

H DJB's Inter-Club Training Event (Multiplayer!!)
Details HERE
Let's see... What would be the best way of dealing with our "new" Dark Jedi Brotherhood (DJB, former rDB) friends in order to show 'em our willing to cicatrize old injuries between our clubs? What about sending them all to hell via MP while punishing their prides by the book? >;-D All Saturdays 24/7 on Undernet #outerrim IRC channel!

H XWA Week of War CXVI (Multiplayer!!)
Details HERE
The best XWA MP competition ever. Period. World-wide! Inter-clubs! And on a monthly basis! Hosted by Battlestats, as usual. Don't forget to take [MP/2] IWATS Course as well as [AMP] if you *REALLY* want to have a chance at this one; the playing level is from the matter the nightmares are made of. LoCs!! DFCs!! Glory not only for you but also for The Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet as a whole. Do I need to say more? If you never participated on any of these you never played MP for real, and you guess it to be truth.

The Tempest!

III.) NO!! Performances involving the infamous trio (beer-holoTV-chips) don't count for anyone but CMDR here!

III.a) Transfers / Promotions / Awards / Bribes


1-1 LC Zósite Kónstyte Styles    LC

  • Awarded IS-BW IS-BW


1-2 COL Daniel Bonini    COL

  • Awarded IS-SW IS-SW
  • Awarded 6 IS-BWs IS-BW


1-4 COL Nav'ric Trow    COL

  • Awarded IS-BR IS-BR


2-1 LCM Dunta Polo    LCM

  • Awarded IS-SW IS-SW
  • Awarded IS-BW IS-BW


2-3 CM John T. Clark    CM

  • Awarded IS-BR IS-BR


3-1 CM Vitaru    CM

  • Awarded IS-BW IS-BW


3-2 LT Sergeyli    LT

  • Awarded IS-BWIS-BW


III.b) General Activity and other dreams alike

( Notation: Low activity Low/Crappy Activity Moderate ActivityModerate Activity Good activity High/Very High Activity NUTS activity Insane Activity/BSF hate!! )


1-1 LC Zósite Kónstyte Styles    

  • Tried to fly TIE-FREE 275 but ended posting a bug report... :P
  • PAR on XvT-FREE 223.
  • Reflown XWA-FREE 82 for "TACcy Speed Test (february)" competition.
  • Updated all graduates webpages on his assigned IWATS Courses according to new DEAN guidelines.
  • Submitted a new comp. for Tempest Squadron. It was approved. And it was won the same very day. :P
  • Officially ended the survey on the new Tempest uniform patch.
  • Updating all stuff related to the new Tempest patch.
  • Completed XWA-TC 54 (7 missions).
  • Reviewed Tempest Flight reports.
  • Completed XvT-FREE 223 (new highscore!).
  • Completed XWA-HF 1 (4 missions) (highscores in ALL missions and new battle highscore!).
  • Uploaded a new uniform into the TC database.
  • Uploaded yet another uniform; last one looked like crap when resized. :P
  • Completed XvT-FREE 225 as TCS assignment.
  • Trying the new BoP EHSP patch.
  • Awarded IS-BW for beating TAC's time on "TACcy Speed Test" - TAC report #288.
  • Submitted 2 new monthly competitions for Tempest.
  • Processed results of "The Aftermath of TIE" Tempest-only competition.
  • Played two MP matches on "XWA WoW CXVI".
  • Compiled February Tempest MSE.
  • Compiled WSR.
  • Completed XvT-FCHG 5 (6 missions) (highscores in ALL missions and new battle highscore!)
  • Updated Tempest website.

1-2 COL Daniel Bonini    COL   Good Activity

  • Submitted pilot file for XWA-Free 82 for "TAC's Speed Test" competition.
  • Submitted answers for the third week of "TACcy's Music Video Mania" comp.
  • Participated in "TACcy Speed Test" competition flying XWA-FREE 82.
  • Submitted a little activity report on his own.
  • Awarded an ISM for helping me to build the new Tempest Squadron website the best he could.
  • Submitted fiction for "The Aftermath of TIE" Tempest-only competition.
  • Sent in FM report.
  • Completed XvT-TC 132 (6 missions) for "The Aftermath of TIE" Tempest-only comp. (highscores in ALL missions and new battle highscore!).
  • Requested a one-week LoA due to RL vacations.
  • Submitted answers for the fourth week of "TACcy's Music Video Mania" comp.
  • Collaborated in the building of the upcoming "Challenge's Hall of Fame" website section.
  • Sent in FM report.
  • Awarded IS-SW as winner of "TACcy Speed Test" - TAC report #288
  • Awarded up to 6 IS-BWs for being the highest scorer on ALL 6 missions of XvT-TC 132 for "The Aftermath of TIE" Tempest-only comp.
  • Then again splendid levels of communications and top-friendly manners everywhere but IRC. What about that, Colonel?

1-4 COL Nav'ric Trow    COL   Good activity

  • Uploaded a new uniform into the database.
  • His new TC game platforms arrived at last and he's ready now for flying activity! :D
  • Participated (and won!) on "I think therefore I lose" Tempest-only comp.
  • Sent in FM report.
  • Completed XvT-TC 131 (5 missions) (new highscores on missions 1 & 2!).
  • Completed XvT-TC 132 (6 missions) for "The Aftermath of TIE" Tempest-only comp.
  • Completed XvT-FREE 1,2 & 3.
  • Submitted a fiction entry for "The Aftermath of TIE" Tempest-only comp.
  • Sent in some South Park-style pic for his TC character.
  • Awarded IS-BR as winner of "I think therefore I lose" Tempest-only comp.
  • IRC daily presence on #tiecorps, #isd_challenge and #wing_x. And we can't help it! xD

2-1 LCM Dunta Polo    LCM   NUTS activity

  • Completed XWA-FREE 5.
  • Completed XvT-TC 132 for "The Aftermath of TIE" Tempest-only comp. (6 missions).
  • Completed XWA-CAB 1 (9 missions).
  • Completed XvT-TC 3 (4 missions).
  • Completed XvT-FREE 2,3 & 4.
  • Completed BoP-FREE 2 & 3.
  • Passed [MCBS] IWATS Course - 85%
  • Passed [XWAI] IWATS Course - 100%!!!
  • Applied to be TCS and received his first TCS assignment.
  • Awarded IS-BW as Wing X PotW 02/17.
  • Sent in Flight III report.
  • Completed XWA-FREE 7.
  • Awarded IS-SW for 2nd place on February 09 "TC Ace of the Month".
  • Once again exceptional e-mail communications, as usual. Why not some MBs and/or IRC while you're at it, Commander? ;)

2-2 LC Murleen    LC   Bad activity

  • Little e-mail communications with the Wing X mailing list, but then again, he's still facing RL time constraints.

2-3 CM John T. Clark    CM   Moderate activity

  • Submitted new entry for "Dempsey's Music Video Mania" competition.
  • Completed XvT-TC 132 (6 missions) for "The Aftermath of TIE" Tempest-only comp.
  • Submitted a fiction entry for "The Aftermath of TIE" Tempest-only comp.
  • Found some bug on the new EHSP and reported about.
  • Sent in FM report.
  • Awarded IS-BR for best fiction on "The Aftermath of TIE" Tempest-only comp.
  • Excellent e-mail communications and I also saw him on IRC a few times. Well done! ^_^

3-1 CM Vitaru    CM   Moderate activity

  • Collaborated in the building of the upcoming "Challenge's Hall of Fame" website section.
  • New participation on "Dempsey's Music Video Mania" competition.
  • Trying to improve his scores on XvT-TC 132 for "The Aftermath of TIE".
  • Wrote a fiction for "The Aftermath of TIE" comp. Still pending submission.
  • Reviewed Tempest Flight III FM reports.
  • Sent in Flight report in time.
  • Completed XvT-TC 132 (6 missions) for "The Aftermath of TIE" Tempest-only comp.
  • Submitted a fiction entry for "The Aftermath of TIE" Tempest-only comp.
  • Awarded IS-BW for beating TAC's time on "TACcy Speed Test" - TAC report #288.
  • Not much IRC as of late, but his e-mail communications are assured as well as his participation on our Messageboards.

3-2 LT Sergeyli    LT   Good activity

  • Completed TIE-TC 153 (6 missions).
  • Completed TIE-TC 154-157 (21 missions).
  • Completed TIE-TC 158 (4 missions) (highscore in mission 4!).
  • Awarded IS-BW for 3rd place on February 09 "TC Ace of the Month".
  • Daily presence on IRC as usual and also e-mail activity whenever necessary. Say something funny there, Lieutenant!! ;-P

3-3 CPT Alphafoxtrot1    CPT   Moderate activity

  • Completed TIE-TC 240 (5 missions) (highscores in ALL missions and new battle highscore!).
  • Sent in FM report in time.
  • Good e-mail communications, especially with his Flight Leader to keep him updated in all his activity.

IV.) Do it or DO IT. Don't even dare to try! (aka. Squadron Standing Orders)

  1. Fly AT LEAST a mission/battle from the Compendium!!! You're a pilot, not a wardrobe, and this is important!
  2. Take an IWATS. And if you actually learn something maybe you're doing miracles too! ;-D
  3. Fly some MP. Plenty of comps. to do it. If only you could feel The Power of the Pwnage Side©®!!
  4. Drink; as a truly Challengite this is a must to perform. If only you could feel The Power of the Daze Side of the Booze©®!!
  5. Participate in some competition if possible. Tempest is here to trample & impale any opposition hence our nickname!
  6. Contact your Flight Leader or Squadron Commander at least once a week!! This is BUT VERY important in order to mantain your arse within the roster. CMDR may well have the nasty mania of kicking mute people out of the airlock...
  7. Be always loyal to the TIE Corps Fleet, then the ISDII Challenge and Wing X, then Tempest.
  8. Kill any rebel scumb, dirty smuggler or pathetic pirate on sight and with a smile on your face. Cleaning 'da house!
  9. Have fun doing all this stated above! Now this one is a f****** order; if you don't accomplish with this one you're really doing nothing. Go away and make something better with your life like having a pathetic RL job, trying for your wife to not cheat you with a REAL PILOT... ahem...
  10. It would be sooo simetric and perfect for you to have a 10th order... but you haven't. :-P


Note on order 4: if you can't actually realize this IS NOT a RL way to go you should request transfer to the Redemption or something... ¬_¬

Rabid EwokZos THE NUTS Another Rabid Ewok

V.) Someone flew over the Ewok's Nest (aka. CMDR's Corner)


Everybody knows that Lt. CoRoneR Zósite K. Styles graphic skills start and end with "The Gimp". So far, only two skills have been used by The Wicked CMDR of Tempest:

Skill A) Lame degrees of transparency everywhere, to the point that legend tells one of these days he'll turn himself transparent and everybody else happy.

Skill B) Usage and abusage of all sorts of starfighter pics, none of them made by him, he can gather scavenging the HoloNet.

Given these well proven facts, it's not surprising the recent survey on which would be the new official patch for Tempest Squadron ended with a tight result of 9-0 (even Zós voted against himself! :-P) for the version made by Lt. Colonel Tempest, former OPSA and suspected to be the main responsible behind "Tempest Tailoring Tool". But alas! The madman never surrenders and here we have him again trying for his pilots, the proud and skillful members of Tempest, to give him some feedback on yet another sacrilegious graphic attempt.

<LC Zós> Hey, folks! Pay attention here for I've just made this splendid picture of Wing X Cantina for it to be hung right above the main entrance. As you can see, it features a classic yet bucolic scene of Wing X pilots having a good time while drinking as if there'd be no tomorrow and crawling on the floor as if there'd be no good manners. ^_^

<Tempest - {Zós}> ... ¬¬ ...

<LC Zós> *ejem* Yes, well, I'd appreciate if you could give me some feedback here so I can modify whatever you think it needs to be modified. The picture is finished, yes, but I think it could accept a couple of little modificiations here and there if necessary. What do you think?

CMDR Zósite leaves the picture under his pilots' judgment while he stands behind in silence.

<LCM Polo> Ok, let's see... ummm... not bad. Well, I think it could do with some perspective but even then...

<COL Dan> Zós' particular touch can be clearly appreciated everywhere. See? He made the bar transparent and...

<CM Clark> Oh, come on, the guy does what he can. It's just that sometimes...

<LC Zós> ...

<CM Vitaru> Not that I can't appreciate the art enclosed on this picture but, we used to have more than 3 walls there, right?

<COL Trow> Oh, given the "straightness" of its lines I thought that was some sort of curtain.

<LT Sergeyli> And what about that lamp? Last time one of those things was used Empress Teta had pigtails AFAIK...

<LC Zós> ...

<CPT Alphafoxtrot1> Wait! Is that an Ewok?

<LC Murleen> Very prolly. He's known to see furballs everywhere you know...

<COL Dan> Nahhh, I think that's a dish supposed to go along with that jar.

<CPT Alphafoxtrot1> Is that a jar?!!

<LC Zós> ...

<CM Vitaru> And... and... what's this?

<LCM Polo> Dunno. Maybe the barman?

<LT Sergeyli> Seems not a barman to me. It's more like some sort of bookcase and...

<COL Trow> That's not a barman... it's a space station! :D

<LC Murleen> No kidding. It resembles a Golan III Platform upside down.

Suddenly Colonel Domi, Wing X Commander, appears on the corridor and approaches the little conclave. Everybody notices WC presence and salutes with respect.

<COL Domi> Hello, gentlemen. What's up there?

<LCM Polo> Well, Sir. It seems CMDR Zósite has just made this picture of our Wing Cantina and asked us for some feedback. Right now we were trying to unveil the nature of this particular thing over here you see...

<COL Domi> You mean that curious piggy bank?

<CM Vitaru> Now that you mention it... could be a racoon figurine...

<CM Clark> On steroids? :-P

<COL Domi> What about a lamp?

<LT Sergeyli> No, Sir. We've agreed that archaic thing on the corner must be the lamp.

<COL Domi> Wait, wait. What if we just ask Zós what's that?

Everybody bows to WC's wise idea (not that they wouldn't have bowed if WC's idea would have involved Wing X pilots conquering Coruscant on their own armed with vibro-knives) and Colonel Domi uses his communicator to get a hold of LC Zósite who seems to have disappeared all of a sudden.

<COL Domi> LC Zósite? Zós! This is Colonel Domi, my friend. Where the hell did you go? We're still here on the corridor near Tempest Quarters admiring your work but we would appreciate if you could come back and...

<LC Zós [comm]> I'm here, people. And I take all of you are right there where I left you.

<LCM Polo> Well, yessir. We were wondering if you could tell us what the...

<LC Zós [comm]> Shut the hell up you!!! As I was telling you, I'm here; here at "Artillery" section, that's it. Right now I'm managing one of those fancy octuple barbette turbolaser cannons. Former assigned crewmen found themselves a little bit unable to manage it anymore due to some recent incident involving a scalpel and I took care of it, unscrewed it and mounted it again on the wrong side of the hull...

<COL Domi> ZÓS!!! WTF?!!! 0_o

<LC Zós [comm]> Now I'm aiming towards that very corridor I tell you! And you have 10 seconds... 10 SECONDS DO YA HEAR ME?!!! 10 SECONDS before I bring fire over the whole deck to tell me that thing on the picture is nothing but a chair. A %&·]} CHAIR AND NOTHING ELSE, OK?!!!!!!

FCHG silly-crown

VI. Anyone get the number of that donkey cart??? (aka. FCHG and Combat Ratings)

(Combat Ratings not yet implemented into the new database so it's not that they might be wrong. They WILL BE wrong.)

Templar [TMPR] (5000 points) & Jedi 4th (500 points)


[5955] & [509] LC Zósite Kónstyte Styles

Centurion [CNTR] (2000 points) & Officer 4th (30 points)


[2029] & [39] COL Daniel Bonini

Aquilifer [AQFR] (500 points) & No rank (0 points)


[688] & [0] CPT Alphafoxtrot1

Paladin [PLDN] (300 points) & Trainee (1 point)


[348] & [1] COL Nav'ric Trow

Knight [KNGT] (250 points) & No rank (0 points)


[255] & [0] LC Murleen

Cavalier [CAVL] (150 points) & Trainee (1 point)


[171] & [0] LT Sergeyli
[150] & [3] CM John T. Clark

Dragoon [DRAG] (100 points) & No rank (0 points)


[120] & [0] LCM Dunta Polo

Fusilier [FUSL] (75 points) & Officer 4th (30 points)


[98] & [32] CM Vitaru

VII.) Operation [R]ound and Pound (aka. Squadron Roster & Citations)

W-What?! You want me to paste here the Squadron Roster? Why?! You have it in the TC site... But! But!...
Ok... Ok... you want it you get it!

COMMANDER: LC Zosite Konstyte Styles
NICKNAME: The Riders on the Storm
BANNER: Tempest Banner.png
MOTTO: "May the winds blow till they have waken'd death"
HOMEPAGE: http://tempest.isdchallenge.org/
MESSAGE BOARD: http://eh.stryfe.net/viewforum.php?f=107
BATTLEBOARD: http://tc.emperorshammer.org/battleboard.php?sqn=45

Nickname: Storm Knights
Motto: "With this lance I judge, for he that dies pays all debts"
1) LC Zosite Konstyte Styles
2) COL Daniel Bonini
3) TBA
4) COL Nav'ric Trow

What? NO?!! (*sigh*) Ok... Ok... I got it...
And YES, the silly joke STANDS. Any problem?!

COMMANDER: LC Zosite Konstyte Styles
NICKNAME: The Riders on the Storm
BANNER: Tempest Banner.png
MOTTO: "May the winds blow till they have waken'd death"
HOMEPAGE: http://tempest.isdchallenge.org/
MESSAGE BOARD: http://eh.stryfe.net/viewforum.php?f=107
BATTLEBOARD: http://tc.emperorshammer.org/battleboard.php?sqn=45

Nickname: Storm Knights
Motto: "With this lance I judge, for he that dies pays all debts"
1) LC Zosite Konstyte Styles
2) COL Daniel Bonini
3) TBA
4) COL Nav'ric Trow

Nickname: Heralds of Maelstrom
Motto: "The brightest thunderbolt is elicted from the darkest storm"
1) LCM Dunta Polo
2) LC Murleen
3) CM John T. Clark
4) TBA

Nickname: Chaos Crew
Motto: "You'll see the lightning but will be dead before the thunder"
1) CM Vitaru
2) LT Sergeyli
3) CPT Alphafoxtrot1
4) TBA

Squadron Citations:

(further details will only come after actual battles are detailed on Squadron Roster at TC database, sorry)

Respectfully NUTS in service:

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