Squadron News

    02/05/06 - CPT Rover wins Tempest Warm Up 2006

    The first competition of the year has been nailed by CPT Rover. Although it was not easy , for CM Impulse has put up a good fight, getting too close to the first place. LCM Gward came up in third place, also with an excellent score...Congratulations to all of you, and, especially, to CPT Rover, who earned an IS-BW!!!

    02/05/06 - Three Tempest pilots are considered AWOL

    These are very sad news. LT Dark Scorpius, LT Red Phoenix and SL Arani Klojos have all been considered Absent WithOut Leave. Hopefully, they will find their way back to Tempest in the near future.

    01/24/06 - LT Krulos Helrond back from the Reserves

    LT Krulos Helornd is back!!! After four months away due to damages caused by the Hurricane Katrina, he is back to active duty, filling Tempest 3-2 position....Welcome back!!!

    12/31/05 - Tempest Website Audited by Flight Officer

    Fleet Admiral Khadgar has audited our website, and his reviews were great. "Overall, one of the best pages I've seen during the audit." Also, the music and the new Fiction section were complemented as being a "nice touch". I believe all members of Tempest Squadron would like to thank FA Khadgar for his recognition of our hard work!!!

    12/02/05 - Fiction Center open for business

    Today has been created the newest section in Tempest Squadron Website, the Fiction Center!!! Inaugurated with the fiction "The Traitor", by CM Impulse, the new section is supposed to be a way to publish the stories eventually created by the squadron members. I hope you all enjoy.

    11/17/05 - LT Fayt removed from roster

    It was discovered that LT Fayt was in fact Darknyte trying to rejoin the Tie Corps. Darknyte was expelled from the Emperor's Hammer, and, so, LT Fayt was removed from our roster. Too bad.

    10/31/05 - COL Drako joins Tempest

    After a while in the reserves, COL Drako comes back to active duty in Tempest Squadron, in Tempest 1-3 position. Welcome to Tempest!!!

    10/27/05 - SL Fayt promoted to LT

    For passing several IWATS Courses on his very first day in the squadron, SL Fayt has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Congratulations, LT Fayt!!!!

    10/27/05 - SL Fayt arrives from PLT Daedalus

    We have a new member arriving today: welcome to SL Fayt, who comes from PLT Daedalus to fill Tempest 3-2 position!!

    10/05/05 - LCM Impulse promoted to CM

    For his great work as a Flight Leader, and for amazing work recruiting, for his communication level of activity, LCM Impulse has been promoted to the rank of Commander. Congratulations, CM Impulse!!!!

    10/05/05 - LT Gward promoted to LCM

    LT Gward has shown great activity since he's joined Tempest, and, therefore, has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Congrats, LCM Gward!!!

    10/05/05 - MAJ Daniel Bonini promoted to LC

    Tempest Squadron Commander, Daniel Bonini, has been promoted today to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel!!!

    09/30/05 - LT Krulos is MIA

    Sadly, LT Krulos Helrond's e-mail address has not been working, and he has been considered Missing In Action. I hope he can find his way back to ISD Challenge, and to our squadron.

    09/11/05 - LCM Prost gets both rank and position promotions

    LCM Prost Varsis has been promoted to the rank of Commander. He's also been promoted to the position of Commander of Typhoon Squadron, and, so, is leaving Tempest Squadron. Congratulations to CM Prost!!!

    09/01/05 - CPT Rover wins Tempest Flying Comp

    Tempest Flying Comp - August/05 has ended, with a major victory from CPT Rover, who has achieved first place in either laserless battle total, and individual mission winnings. Check the competition status on the Competitions Center. Congrats to CPT Rover!!!

    08/29/05 - SL Kaskad promoted to LT

    SL Kaskad has flown a TC-Tie battle, and, therefore, has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Congrats, LT Kaskad!!!

    08/29/05 - LT Haedaliel gets AWOL'ed

    Sadly, LT Haedaliel Belil-Gaviel has been considered Absent WithOut Leave, and so has left us. Hopefully, she will find her way back to Tempest in the near future.

    08/14/05 - SL Dark Scorpius promoted to LT

    SL Dark Scorpius has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Congratulations, LT Dark Scorpius!!!

    08/12/05 - SL Arani Klojos arrives to fill Tempest roster

    Welcome to the member that has come to fill the last remaining spot available in Tempest Squadron: SL Arani Klojos, who comes straight from M/PLT Daedalus to Tempest 3-4 position!!!

    08/08/05 - SL Dark Scorpius arrives from PLT Daedalus

    Welcome to SL Dark Scorpius, who comes straight from M/PLT Daedalus to Tempest 2-4 position!!!

    08/08/05 - Tempest gets third place in Challenge Comp

    Tempest came in third place in the ISD Challenge Domination Bonanza, and was the squadron with the best participation rate on the competition....Congrats to all who were part of this!!

    07/19/05 - SL Kaskad arrives from PLT Daedalus

    New member joining today: welcome to SL Kaskad, who joins Tempest in it's 2-2 position, coming from M/PLT Daedalus!!!

    06/26/05 - Tempest Squadron defeated by Cyclone

    Defeat!!! Tempest Squadron has lost the match against Cyclone Squadron, with a final stand of two Cyclone pilots in the first three positions....Check the Competitions Center for the scores of all participating pilots....Tempest will have its revenge!!!

    06/19/05 - SLs Krulos and Red get promotion to LT

    Congratulations to Krulos Helrond and to Red Phoenix, who were both promoted to the rank of Lieutenant!!! Krulos took the IWATS AIM Course, and Red flew TC-Tie 01...Great work, guys!!!

    06/16/05 - SL Red Phoenix arrives from the Daedalus

    Another member arrival: welcome to Sublieutenant Red Phoenix, joining straight from the Platform Daedalus to the Tempest 1-4 position.

    06/11/05 - SL Krulos Helrond arrives from the Daedalus

    Another member arrived today: welcome to Sublieutenant Krulos Helrond, joining straight from the Platform Daedalus to the Tempest 3-2 position.

    06/10/05 - SL Gward promoted to LT

    SL Gward earned himself a promotion to Lieutenant for flying a Tie-TC battle!!! Congrats, LT Gward!!!

    06/06/05 - SL Gward arrives from the Daedalus

    New member arrival today: welcome to Sublieutenant Gward, joining straight from the Platform Daedalus to the Tempest 2-3 position.

    05/06/05 - Tempest Tie Fighter Tactics Workshop begins

    It has started the Tempest Tie Fighter Tactics Workshop, that is supposed to help Tempest pilots to improve their Tie Fighter skills, in order to get better scores and do good in competitions.

    04/12/05 - New Competitions Center updated

    The new Competitions Center is updated with the latest results. Pilots can expect all the results to be uploaded to the site every week...Go check it out.

    04/11/05 - LCM Mike Keyman returns

    Welcome back to LCM Mike Keyman, who rejoins Tempest in it's 2-2 position, after a very long rest in the Reserves!!!