The Traitor - by CM Impulse

Three security officers went through the corridor. It seemed that
knocking of their boots was heard on the whole ship.

They have stopped near a cabin 768 and have taken out the blasters.

- Stay alert, - one of officers has told. He has approached to a door
and has pressed the button of a call.

- Lieutenant Fayt, are you inside?

Nobody has answered.

The officer has repeated. -Lieutenant Fayt, open the door, we need to
talk! They waited for some seconds.

- Break the lock, - one of officers has told. He took out  a card from his pocket and put it on the reading device. As soon as the door has opened explosion device was activated. Three officers was thrown away from the door, the signal of a fire alarm was activated on whole ship.

When Darknyte heard the siren, he has understood, that he was unmasked. He already was in a hangar bay when the alarm has started.

There wasn't time for putting on the space suit, it was necessary to
get out from this ship as quickly as possible. Chances were close to
zero, but he had no other choice.

He ran to the standing nearby TIE Defenders, climbed in one of them,
turn on repulsors and started to move to the hangar hatch.

When he climbed to the cockpit he had noticed that this TIE Defender
belonged to Tempest squadron commander.

- That is good, - he has told to himself.

If he only had 2 more hours. Then 2 rebel cruisers would arrive and he could easily fly to their hangars.

The idea on treachery has occurred after he was expelled from imperial fleet. He could not forgive it.

He has decided to revenge once and for all. The idea with Fayt has come to him not at once, he has worked many variants how he could get on Star Destroyer. But then the remarkable idea has occurred and he decided to disguise himself for other person.

Forging of documents hasn't occupied a lot of time. And he under the
name of Fayt has entered one of the best squadrons of fleet.

While he was unmasked two weeks had passed, it was enough for gathering all important documentation which he was going to transfer to the rebels.

But all went not under the plan, and now he should get out as quickly
as posssible.

When he took off from the hangar, he has noticed, that nobody shoots at him.

But then he heard controller's voice via his intercom: - TIE Defender, who granted your take off?

Nothing answered, Darknyte has turned on full throttle and began to fly away from the destroyer to safety distance.

Moved away on 2 kilometers, he saw set of yellow points on the
destroyer's hull. Soon points have turned to lines and flied by near  a fighter. But Darknyte was already too far for destroyer's turbolaser cannons.

Now only remained to calculate jump coordinates.

Darknyte was so distracted, that he hadn't noticed coming TIE Advanced and Missile Boat.

He had noticed incoming starfighters only after pilot of the TIE
Advanced has contacted him over intercom: - This is Capitan Rover, turn off your engines, lower your shields and prepare for boarding operation. Otherwise we have an order to destroy you.

Darknyte knew, that awaits him in a case of arrest. He can't handle
with two fighters, so he redirected all energy from lasers on engines and began to increase speed.

The pilot of TIE Advanced had time to make only a pair of shots, but it was not enough. TIE Defender has sharply turned and and flied in the other direction.

Darknyte need only 3 minutes to finish jump calculations.TIE Advanced was much slower than TIE Defender, and he hadn't rockets on board. - Impulse, use SLAM and finish him ! - Rover said to pilot of the Missile Boat.

Having SLAM system, Missile Boat surpass on speed any fighter, Missile Boat also had 20 rockets.

Having come on 2 kilometer distance, Impulse launced two rockets.
Darknyte tried to evade them, but Missile Boat's tractor beam not allowed TIE Advanced to move.

Two rockets have simultaneously hit TIE Defender, knocking out his
shields and damaging engines.

Now Darknyte hadn't any chances. He will never surrender. He had
pulled the ejection level and was thrown in a free space, the death has come instantly.

Did you see it!? - pilot of Missile Boat has exclaimed, - in direct
space without a space suit. Hey there on the destroyer, send transport what to take away this garbage.